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We apologise but the item you have selected has already been sold.

Normally we would update the website and move items that are no longer available to a separate page here: Items No Longer Available.

Unfortunately it appears that in this instance another customer has only recently purchased this item and we have not yet updated the website.

We do not want you to be disappointed with your visit to Silverfire Jewellery, but as all our items are individually designed and made, we would be unable to supply you with exactly the same design and would suggest that you choose another item where possible.

If you really like the design of the item you have chosen and nothing else from our range is suitable, we can offer to design and make an alternative item if you wish, at a separately negotiated price, but always within your budget. It will not be exactly the same but can be designed to be similar if you wish.

In this instance please submit a query using the Contact Form and let us know which item you were interested in originally and any specific requirements you may have.

Please Note: Any alternative item we design would NOT be exactly the same as the item you originally selected, as all our designs are unique.

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